Dessert Wellington

Treat your sweet tooth with a dessert Wellington from Wellingtons LA. We combined three delectable ingredients to create the ultimate dessert: Nutella, cannoli cream, and puff pastry.

Cannoli cream is an iconic Italian delicacy made with a base of rich, creamy ricotta cheese and sugar, resulting in an incredibly smooth, sweet, and velvety filling. We pair cannoli cream with a generous layer of Nutella, the beloved hazelnut-chocolate spread.

Puff pastry is an integral component of dessert Wellingtons. Made through a meticulous process of layering dough and butter, which are rolled and folded repeatedly, puff pastry comprises hundreds of thin, delicate layers.

As the dessert bakes, the water in the dough and butter evaporates, causing the pastry to puff up into a golden, crispy delight. Order today to enjoy sweet and crispy Nutella in puff pastry.

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