Specialty Beef Wellington

At Wellingtons LA, we handcraft each specialty beef Wellington so that you can enjoy a gourmet dining experience right in the comfort of your home. Easy to prepare yet bursting with rich taste, our Wellingtons are the perfect choice for delectable meals.

Jumpstart your day with a breakfast Wellington. We wrap buttery puff pastry over scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, hashbrowns, and sharp cheddar cheese for a new take on breakfast favorites.

The cheeseburger Wellington is another fun twist on a classic Welly. Golden puff pastry surrounds two custom-blend beef patties, a hearty filling of cheddar cheese, and grilled onions and jalapeños.

At Wellingtons LA, we believe in turning everyday meals into extraordinary culinary adventures. Browse our selection of specialty beef Wellingtons to find the right indulgence for you.

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