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    One fateful pandemic night in, my fiancé Anastasia and I were trying to solve one of the biggest mysteries plaguing modern couples - what the hell are we’re gonna eat for dinner?!

    Our stomachs were growling and our minds were racing as we played the kitchen drums for inspiration. Every recipe we came across was either too complicated or too boring. But, little did we know, we were on the brink of culinary greatness.

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    For the next 3 months, we embarked on a journey to make wellingtons for our friends and family every Wednesday. We added Anastasia's now famous chicken pot pie, layered in some Salmon Wellys, and added new creations like the Breakfast Welly and Burger Welly.

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    Fast forward two years and we're still at it, making Wellingtons everyday in our commercial kitchen in Los Angeles. Only difference is we've brought on great partners like Pink Dot, Goldbelly, and Locale Market to help get our products to every door in the country. And we got married in June 2022.

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